Another fabulously tricky title from me… “Cheeta.”
Yes indeed, my snappy title making mind took Cheater and Cheetah and wooped them up together with a nice bit of slangy lingo for this title.
Just another example of why I think whoever buys the originals should get to title them.
It wouldn’t work here though because the entire thing was done digitally. Didn’t even print a version out to attack with a pen or pencil once.
Just a photo (shot digitally) and graphics software.
It almost stresses me that a person can create images of this sort without touching a single dab of paint or even owning a paintbrush.

I try with these types of projects not to encroach to much on my painting styles. If I wanted a painting I would have painted it.
I also try and make sure to have expressed myself with the image in a way a simple photo can’t. A photo can only say so much. A painting can say anything the artist wants. Works like these are the bastard hybrids of new art. We artists are limited by the photo (unless we take it to far) so can’t fully tell the story we could have with traditional media.
I see people pushing photos beyond just basic manipulations until they have almost created what a traditional artist could have, but it just makes me sad instead of impressed. It makes me think they lack the skills so have no other option.
It is rather like listening to a rap song on the radio and noticing that ALL of the decent music has been sampled from a musician that actually knew how to play and compose the tune. Digital software is much the same. It allows people to imitate and utilize other peoples skills without even understanding them. There is a skill in that to be sure, but it really isn’t the same as mastering the actual instruments.

Anyways, here it is… “Cheeta”

cheeta erotic digital artwork

You can get a print of Cheeta HERE in my photo tweaking imagekind gallery.

~ by Aarron on September 13, 2013.

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