A three minute kiss

I have been doing a bunch of timed ink sketches lately in a lot of different styles.
This one was a scribble sketch done with a regular old ball point pen on a random bit of paper laying around.
The pen actually started running out of ink after about a minute.
The time on this one was two minutes and forty six seconds.
(Click it to see it better)
The time on this one was two minutes and forty six seconds kiss scribble
That is pretty close to three minutes.
I probably would have done a bit more if my pen wasn’t dying on me.
I was aiming for a five minute kiss.
Still… three minutes is a long time when we are talking about a kiss and nothing except a kiss.
Sure, you can make out for an hour if rolling around in bed and doing other stuff, but to just kiss… hmm, when is the last time you just kissed for three minutes straight without a break?
It’s kinda sexy. It’s kinda a challenge.
You should give it a try.
With your lover, or just with a friend you find attractive… doesn’t matter.
Set a timer, and then kiss. Kiss non stop for the entire three minutes. Kiss without rubbing against each other. Kiss without feeling each other up. Kiss without laughing. Be serious. Explore a three minute kiss.
You can touch, don’t get all sterile with it. Put some heart into it. Enjoy.

Prints of this little scribble sketch can be found here.

~ by Aarron on December 9, 2015.

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