La Push Postcard

Greetings from La Push Washington!
La Push watercolor scene
O.k… I’m not in La Push. I’m in Port Angeles on my laptop posting this picture.
I’d rather be in La Push though. It is funner to sit around and draw / paint / doodle the scenes of the NW tip of the USA than sit at my laptop.
Anyways… this is a tiny little watercolor card. If you want to be cool when it comes to sending postcards on vacation what you do is find a local artist and say “Hey man, can you like make me a custom postcard that I can send home?”
If you are lucky the artist will say “Sure dude, what are you thinking of?” and then you can describe the idea and get it done right up.
Sure it will cost you more than $3.95, but your friends and family who receive it can actually frame the sucker up and then have a cool story about you to tell whenever visitors to their home say “Oh, this is nice, where is this?”

So, about the art. It is seven inches wide and five inches high. I did this with watercolor washes and ink. The land masses are the inked with Higgin’s using a dip pen and a brush over the top of the wash. Before the inking I let the wash dry overnight which kinda makes this a two day job. Truth though is a wash like that takes all of ninety seconds or less before you set it aside to dry and the inking (if done quick and sloppy like this) takes maybe two minutes. Art with less than five minutes of application is what we are talking about here. Fun!
On the other hand… set up and clean up is still it’s normal long and drawn out process. Wetting and taping the paper so it doesn’t buckle is a pain. Mixing up the watercolors for such a tiny project seems wasteful. Cleaning brushes and nibs after seconds of use seems backasswards… and then it’s all over without any of the quick creation thrill left in your (my) noggin. *grrr*
Then the client receives his hand painted postcard and says “It is perfect. I fucking love this!” and it all seems worthwhile again.

Now you can’t get the original of this, but if you have visited La Push before and want to send a really cool card (as pictured above) to a lucky friend or family member you can get a card right HERE. Maybe they will frame it even though it ain’t an original. $5. for a bit of art you can hang up is a pretty sweet deal.
Heck… you can get a ten pack of these cards for under $30. and gift a bunch of friends with some sweet NW art! Oh how popular you will be!
Feel free to send me one 😉
Here is that LINK again , and don’t worry about it saying “Fine Art America” on the cards when you get them. That is just a watermark online. It isn’t on the actual cards.

~ by Aarron on March 2, 2015.

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