The days of light fetish photography

I ran across this fun little gif file on my laptop from back when I used to actually promote my photography services and related work.
It is a six image slide show basically.
Click the picture or HERE to see the show.
Gothic redhead sexy fetish photography and the days of artistic pictures
The file size is a full 1MB, so please excuse the load time if you are on a slow pc or cell phone. I thought of re-sampling the image to reduce file size, but doing that to a preexisting gif file results in crappolla pictures, and the file is already very low resolution.

So anyways… what this little animated gif was originally made for was to promote my photography services to both models and buyers of content.
Content is what images used to be referred to (and still often is) by people involved in publishing of magazines and websites.
I was a content supplier among other things. Basically how that works is a publisher would contact me and request a specific photo or series of photos and I would make it happen.
I also sold limited and open edition stock images in to web developers, designers, and publishers.

One of our specialties was light fetish content. Light as in usually R rated, and usually kinda kinky or kink oriented without going to the land of bizarre.
Latex, leather, restraints, and kinda dark or Gothic was the usual for such images.
Most often it was a single/solo model and if we did interactive modeling it was often simulated or suggestive sex and play rather than the real deal to avoid the XXX. If we did go triple X we would always shoot enough R & PG styled photos with it to use in the general marketplace.
The soft styled, lightly kinky, and usually artsy photo market was great.
People wanted the content and girls loved getting their pictures taken in such scenes and outfits.

Those days are over. Fetish photography in general is an over saturated, dead end road for photographers and what people are buying is either extreme triple X or way out bizarre stuff.
Tons of wannabe photographers with fancy new fangled digital cameras set on auto shoot loads of such images and post them all over the internet just for fun. They usually don’t have as cool of outfits and props as I used, but it still fills the gap for people just wanting fresh pictures to see. Yep… the days of light fetish photography are over. Nobody wants the light kink and I was never into producing or shooting hard kink. It just ain’t my thing.

Nowadays if I find myself setting up a scene of dark naughtiness it is for a custom shoot requested by the model rather than a buyer of images.
It is in a weird way still the same deal though, but instead of the owner of some dot com explaining what they want it is the model.
It is still a combination of someones visions with my own. That keeps it interesting.

As for the image show posted above… I made dozens (maybe hundreds) of such things over time. Mostly they are little showcases of light fetish shots or girl next door amateur type models. I still make such things (albeit a tad differently) showcasing other types of work I do or am involved in.
I like screwing around on my pc.

The model in the images shown was a semi regular model of mine.
I loved her for still photo work and her white skin and red hair made for fantastic images. I don’t recall the above photo shoot in any way at all however except that I know I myself was not behind the camera. I can tell that by the look of the photos even though it is obvious to me I did the editing. There was a large span of time that I primarily functioned as a producer/director rather than being the guy behind the camera itself.
Truth be told… I actually prefer that role over operation of a camera. The camera separates me from events.

~ by Aarron on August 13, 2013.

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