Sore Rib

The title of this odd painting is “sore rib” because it earned me a sore rib.

sore rib dance theme painting

For any of you who have visited my place of work you will know I temporarily keep a bunch of paintings up high on the walls until I take them off to one of my art storage places. You also have probably met the cat.
Well… I was sticking this thing (painting) up high above my sink and practicing good safety protocol by skipping the ladder completely and climbing up onto the counter by stepping on a chair … all was cool. The painting was set in place and it was time to hop down. I decided to just jump and that includes jumping OVER the chair. and… the cat decided to commit suicide or maybe it was consciously trying to murder me, I’m unsure on that part. Anyways it steps right out into my landing zone after I’d already taken the leap. I’m jumping off a counter and over a chair remember. It is a pretty big jump. I lift one leg so as not to kill the cat and that makes me land on just one leg which Obviously isn’t going to work so I fly forward a bit and come down with my rib directly hitting the back of the other main chair. These are steel and aluminum bottom chairs with hydraulics for those who don’t know… they aren’t light weight wooden things. Crack! Thought it was broken, but it seems it may be something else. Breaks feel a bit different on breathing from my experience, but this hurts worse than the breaks often did. So… sore rib is the title.

Now on to the painting itself. This weird thing was done over the course of about a year in random increments of five or ten minutes at a time. Sometimes it sat for months without being touched. I have a good half a dozen paintings in that are going on like that in a certain area of my home. I basically just grab one when I’m about to or just finishing painting on something else and do a little something to it. In the case of this one I am not even sure what my original intentions were when I started it. I will say that it isn’t my fave. I do know that it was all about the green mask on the main figure when I started, but that is abut all I remember about the idea.
I almost painted over it, but I had someone want a print of it when I was contemplating it and I decided to let it live. I told her it was garbage, but she claimed it wasn’t and I learned long ago I have no clue what people will dig or not unless playing to the masses so my job is to just do and let others decide.

As for prints… You can get a print HERE.

~ by Aarron on October 18, 2019.

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