Amur leopards

Amur leopard tattoo
This tattoo is of focuses on the Amur leopard.
Amur leopards are one of the coolest cats in existence and very endangered.
So endangered that not even a hundred of these critters exist in the wild anymore.
Though these guys once inhabited vast lands spread throughout China, Korea, Russia, and Japan, their last remaining viable wild population, which is estimated at under 60 cats is just a tiny area in the Russian Province of Primorsky Krai. They think there are around 10 or so somehow still living in China, but most likely these are leopards which are from Russia and crossed over.
The biggest threats to the remaining Amur leopards on earth are currently poaching, forest fires, and encroaching development into their last small areas.
Want to get involved or learn more about the Amur Leopard Crisis?
Check out these links.
Here is a multi view of the tattoo so you can see it at various angles. The one point view just didn’t do it justice.
Amur leopards by Aarron Laidig

~ by Aarron on November 9, 2017.

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