A couple that gets tattooed together…

Clients often come in pairs and groups.
Couples , friends, siblings, etc…
This one (couple) just happened to come in together to visit me when I was in a photographic mood.
“Hey, let me take your picture” I say.
“Who me?” says her.
“Both of you together.” says I
So… here ya go.

Foo dog and octopus tattoos

Foo dog and octopus tattoos

It is super good relationship luck to get your pictures taken by me together and even better luck to get tattoos together from me so this couple is frigg’n set!
Anyways… on uploading this I realized that though I have posted the male half”s tattoo pictures both here on Artistic Flow and on my Red Region site, I have not posted the female half’s tattoo photos anyplace.
I am making a not to hunt out her photos and post them so you all can see the coolness of the tattoo which is mighty cool I must say.

~ by Aarron on January 16, 2015.

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