Erotic Art Originals On Canvas

I began exploring the erotic the sensual, sexual, and erotic side of art in 2010. It was oddly something I had never thought to do before. My unique and varied styles coupled with my past allowed me to create art of this nature that really stood out. Over the course of just a few years I carved out a nice little niche in the world of what most people refer to as erotic art. I am unsure if it really should be called “erotic” art however as sometimes it is not exactly erotic. Nonetheless, anything which is sensual, sexual, or even suggestive gets tossed into that classification. So… her it is. These are the original works which I currently have available which fall into that category for one reason or another.

As you can see I touch on all aspects of sexuality with my art. From the brazen and lewd, to the romantic and heartfelt. Lust and love after all are the truest of bed mates, the dearest of friends, and the most spiteful of enemies.

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