Explicitly Erotic Ink & Watercolor Works

This section of my catalog contains erotic artwork done with ink and watercolors of a more explicit nature than my general erotic ink and watercolor section.

Sexual Disco Original Erotic Artwork By Aarron Laidig

Sexual Disco

Untitled Ink & Watercolor Erotic Artwork

Untitled Ink & Watercolor 12142012

Original Untitled Erotic Ink and Watercolor Art

Untitled Ink & Watercolor 2222013

Kissing The Velvet erotic lesbian themed watercolor and ink

Kissing The Velvet

Bubble Wrap erotic watercolor and ink artwork

Bubble Wrap

Note on original artwork involving watercolor paints:
Watercolor works may become damaged if handled improperly.

All ink & watercolor works on paper should be handled only with clean dry hands. Skin produces oil. Oil gets on the paper and can eventually (if not instantly) change the look, and in some cases even cause deterioration of a work.

I recommend glare-free glass with a UV protective coating for all artwork you may have that involves watercolor paints of any kind.

I ship all of my works that involve watercolors flat.
Art is held in place on a hard piece of cardboard (or similar) via plastic wrap.
I do this if the work is loose, matted, or even framed.

Once your new work of erotic art has arrived I suggest that you very carefully unwrap it one bit at a timeā€¦ OR use a very sharp razor and cut along the edge (not next to the art) and lift off the wrapping.
Do not quickly pull off the wrapping like a child unwrapping presents at Christmas. Such a method can result in wrinkled/damaged papers.

Treat your new art right and it will outlive your great great great great grandchildren.
If you have questions or requests concerning shipment please just ask.

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