Subject Descriptions & Legal

Here you will find content descriptions of all the primary subjects I cover here on Artistic Flow along with notes for each section, disclaimers, rights usage, and legal information.
Subjects are listed alphabetically.

Erotic Paintings
My erotic painting section includes paintings by me dealing with sex, lust, fetishes, and sexuality in general. I sometimes work from models and sometimes not. I reserve all rights in regards to my painted works. They may not be copied in any manner for any reason without my express written permission.

Photo Tweaking
This is my digital art and digital enhancement of photo works section. All photos used are my property and I hold releases for all models used. Models are over 18 years of age in all cases. I reserve all reproduction rights to my digital creations.

Poetry Of My Making
All text is original and copyright Aarron Laidig date of creation and renewed date of publication.

Random Paintings
This is my general no theme painting section. Paintings range from abstract to realistic. In most cases I own all rights to the paintings in this category.  In a few instances certain rights have been exchanged for payment and others may hold possession of said publishing, reproduction, or commercial usage rights either solely or shared with myself.

Sexy Costume Photography
Here I share a bit of my photo work with sexy costumes. The way I display the images on this site is purely random and dictated by what I last did with them editing wise. My costume photos are primarily a hobby rooted in my personal love for girls in sexy costumes and role play. My hobby outgrew itself however and became something of a slightly commercial nature. All photos shown are my property and I hold releases for all models used. Models are over 18 years of age in all cases. I reserve all reproduction and usage rights.

Spicy time toy pics
In this section I feature images of adult sexual enhancement products and descriptions of same.
All images are created by me. The products I feature in this section are often sent to me free of charge by the retailer or manufacturer directly in exchange for my review / opinions of the product. In some cases I may receive a fee for said services and in others I may link to the product via an affiliate link. In no way does linking method or payment affect my opinion of the product.
On this site artistic flow I only showcase products I find interesting and of quality in relation to the manufacturers suggested retail price.

Tattoos by Aarron
All tattoos in this section are by me unless otherwise noted or in the occasion that a tattoo on a client by someone else is randomly included in a picture showcasing a tattoo by me. I do not show other peoples tattoo work on artistic flow as a general rule. This section of artistic flow is also not to be considered a tattoo gallery. It is very random. If you wish to see tattoos of my making in a gallery format you may find one on my Red Region Studio Page HERE.

The Written Word
All text in this section is my own and belongs to me. All rights are reserved.

Yabber Jabber Blabber
This is the about anything and nothing section. Views, thoughts, personal stuff… No theme is the theme.

Want to use my images on a website?

You are permitted to use images on your personal (non-commercial) web sites with the following stipulations.

A link to must be visible WITH each image used.
Both or are acceptable.

Images MAY NOT be used on the homepage/front-page with the exception of rotating blog posts.

Images MAY NOT be used as backgrounds, cropped, or otherwise presented in a manner which obscures the entire image in any way.

Images may not be modified, colored, animated, adapted, collaged, used as a graphic design element, or altered in any way.
Confused about copyright and Internet use?
Check this easy to understand simple explanation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) on

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  1. Aaron,

    I would like to discuss a Blues Album cover design. You seem to be the artist I am looking for. Please contact me as I cannot find any contact info on any of your pages.

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