Eve Costume Shoot

When I think of the fabled Eve, I think of sexy and enticing.
She would have been Adam’s perfect companion.
She would have been made in a way that made him adore and want her.

Eve with her apple
This Eve is certainly sexy & enticing.

Click on the photos to see them larger and read commentary on them.

Sexy and sultry Eve costume picture

I really enjoyed the exotic look of this girl.
Her costume and makeup amplified it well.

exotic looking Eve costume shoot

It was hard to select photos for this post because the model gave very good face and had good body language.
I ended up with tons of shots I really loved ranging from very sexy and sultry to sweet and innocent.
I decided to just kinda post a few of the in the middle ground ones here.

Eve tempts with her apple

This last one (below) was one of about half a dozen super cute and smiling shots that just kinda happened on their own.
I love shots like these as they have a candid quality about them that is in a way hard to get in a shoot that is themed like this.
Often shots like these come about between other shots when the model isn’t really thinking about a photo being taken.

cute and smiling naughty Eve

Hope you enjoyed all the sexy Eve costume photos.

~ by Aarron on February 12, 2013.

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