Fairy Fun

Another fun and sexy costume shoot.

This time it is a cute little fairy!

A Smiling Fairy Girl

Pink and green is the fairy theme today.

The costume shown was provided by the model.

Just click the small pictures to see larger versions.

Cute Fairy

Look at that smile!
Cutest frigg’n fairy I ever did see.

Tantalizing Fairy Picture

I enjoyed taking photos of this girl as she was very easy to work with and had a super fun camera personality.

My favorite fairy costume picture

This one is my favorite (above) photo of the whole bunch.
There is nothing particularly special about it except that it just came together perfectly.
Pose, body language, smile, angle… just a cute as all get-out fairy picture.

Mischievous Fairy Photos

~ by Aarron on April 18, 2012.

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