Barter & Trade

Please check back monthly as I change things as I need things

I am regularly asked about bartering.
The problem is that I don’t really want much in life. I just make art.
I do believe that a barter system is the optimum way to go though, so… here is the list of things I would be interested in doing trade work for.
(please scroll to bottom to see which services I am willing to offer in exchange)

Bicycles street style only. – Not interested in bmx or mountain bikes.

70s, 80s & early/mid 90s motorcycles – street bikes, must run well and be legal. Don’t care about visual condition. All makes and models considered. Prefer $600 or below in value.  Can go up to $2500 if I think it would be a super cool project for me.

Opaque glass -opaque and some semi opaque colored glass in sheet, pebble form, beads, etc… No layered or painted/glazed glass. Remnants / craps are great too as I make mosaics from the glass and use VERY small pieces. If you have a bunch of glass I’d definitely be into it if it fits the above criteria.

Modeling – (currently not trading works for modeling because I am to darn busy, but if interested please get hold of me for in the future when I am again) I only offer trade work for people who qualify for paid work. Please check my modeling opportunities page HERE for more info on that.
So no time is wasted… this is usually for the more risque types of modeling.

In Exchange
I offer these services/works (only these) at my normal rates in exchange for items listed above at fair market value in full or partial trade…
Original works of art – IE: Paintings, drawings, sculptures already completed and offered for sale.
Custom / commissioned art projects – IE: portraits, paintings, sketches, wall murals, door murals, 3D wall art and installations.
Services – IE: tattooing, piercing, advertising graphics, illustration, web design, photography.
I am NOT offering other services or work besides those listed above for possible trade/barter situations.
Please don’t inquire about any items/services above if you are not familiar with my work in each. I prefer to work with people who already know my work nowadays and am not going to send you any portfolio or crap like that.

Got something I want?
Contact me here.
Or… if you use facebook you can contact me via my Aarron Laidig Facebook Art Page or alternatively via my Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page if it is in reference to tattooing.

I will check all values before any final agreements.
If you are unsure of the value your item/service has please check beforehand to save use both time.
I will also require a written bill of sale from you for most items. This will help ensure that all items exchanged are legally yours and that you are in fact able to offer such item for sale/trade.
In some cases I will wish for further proof of ownership (depending on type of item in question)
Hopefully that little statement will also save us both time.