Opened Scent

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Opened Scent is the title.
The painting is 16″ x 20″ on non stretched canvas.
Prints are available HERE.
Open Scent Painting By aarron Laidig

A Vacation Made For Two

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Regular coffee and and an ink pen was used to make this.
The poem I published on Artistic flow back in April of 2016, but I hadn’t the art for it yet.
Lucky you for getting to read it again.
The art and poem both are included in A Coffee Stained Heart.

Vacation Poem For Two Artwork by Aarron Laidig

on a beach with soft white sands;
we’d go walking;
holding hands.

in waters warm and blue;
we’d laugh;
and I’d kiss you.

under stars shining bright;
we’d spin;
and dance all night.

with drinks sugary sweet;
we’d share secrets;
so indiscreet.

in smooth white cotton sheets;
we’d wrap ourselves;
and share quick heartbeats.

with the warmth of afterglow;
we’d cuddle close;
letting hearts overflow.

on that island in the sea;
we’d share love;
just you and me.

I imagine

that’s what we’d do;
if ever we could go;
on a vacation made for two.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig

You can get a postcard of this art HERE.
You can get a postcard of the art with the poem included HERE.
You can get the book HERE.

Owl Totem

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Totems are basically objects or animals which individuals and entire societies believe to have spiritual significance so they adopt the object or animal as a sort of symbol to represent themselves.

Of the many animals which have been adopted as totems throughout history the owl is definitely one of the most common to have been picked.
Depending on the society which has adopted it the owl is as likely to be fears as it is loved. Owls have been associated with wisdom and foolishness, they have been seen as good luck and bad both. No matter what though if owls exist in a location at one point or another the people who resided in the same area found it worthy of attaching superstitions and or reverence.

Before I babble to much about owl lore I should probably show you my drawing.
Owl Totem Drawing By Aarron Laidig
The original drawing is a bit under nine inches in hight. I did it with a single Pigma Micron Pen.
If you dig the design you can get prints, cards, stickers, and more via RedBubble.
It’s cool so you probably should.

Now back to my babble.

My favorite bit of owl folklore comes from the ancient Greeks. Athene was the goddess of wisdom so people really liked her. She thought owls were the coolest of all critters because the appeared smart and solemn in her view. She blessed the owls and took one as a companion. The owls became sacred to the people who worshiped Athene. The owl became a totem for them which represented wisdom, Athene herself, good fortune, and protection.

Bee Bee Bonita

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Bee Bee Bonita is the title of this painting.
Bee Bee Bonita Banana Chiquita was the full title, but I thought it was a bit long.
Go with it if you want to, but I’m just going with Bee Bee Bonita.
I didn’t name it. This piece was a commission. The person who commissioned it gave it the title which it seems is the name of the bird in the painting.
Bee Bee Bonita Painting

So anyways, here is the original.
I did this painting in a very expressive manner.
Here is a detail section to see it a bit better.

detail of expressive work Bee Bee Bonita painting

I used just one brush for the whole deal.
The paints were a mix of liquitex basics, golden advantage, and some low end delta acrylics. I finished it with a semi glossy acrylic liquitex varnish.

I did a slight remix too.
Here is the remix …

Bee Bee Bonita Remix

I am only making the remix version available as prints.
They are available via Society6 and also RedBubble.

As this was a commissioned piece created as a gift I kept the remix in mind the whole time since I didn’t intend to offer up the original as a print.
Though at a glance they appear very similar you can see the difference in the final look easily up close.
Here is a detail of the remix version…
Detail of remixed version

and again, in case you missed it (I know you didn’t) prints are available via Society6 and also RedBubble.

The Tempted

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I call this “The Tempted.”

The Tempted Painting

Long ago when a third of the angels fled heaven there existed among them much pain of heart.
It was not just the pain of separation from heaven, but from each other.
Bonds centuries old and more were broken.
Here we have the meeting of two who have been separated.
Who tempts who?
In my mind as I was painting it I was thinking it was the angelic figure tempting the demonic one.
He knows what he is, and he is fine with who he is, but she is more than he can resist.
How far will this go?
Maybe he will change his entire being for her.
I don’t know.

As for why I used some of the iconic ideas of what demons and angels should look like , let me say that I felt I had no choice.
The idea of what angelic is and what demonic is has been burned into our imaginations through art, literature, and even church propaganda throughout time. I can’t personally imagine fallen angels becoming red and growing horns and tails, but that is what we have for our base imagery. You will see no forked tail and no halos in this. No need of feather wings or bat like wings to get the idea across was necessary so I didn’t need to go that far.
Besides, this was not exactly meant to portray a demon and and angel.
I was thinking really of people when I started. Humans. When my mind went adrift as I was painting I went to musings of angels both fallen and still in grace, but my original intention wasn’t there.
To combat the tried and true demon and angel look I tried to make my figures not fall into the fantasy category other than what I already described. I’ve been painting myself (or a version of myself) into my work for a while semi often of late as a type of mental coping mechanism to stress factors out of my control, and to break away from less than average body types. I’m not tall, nor short, nor heavy set, not thin. I am what comes from eating many a donut, living primarily on coffee, sleeping little, but still being active by walking multiple miles per day. The days of my athletic V taper are long gone. I’m the perfect model for what I wish to express now. Plus, when painting oneself, even as a demonic red creature in an expressive manner it makes a person reflect on oneself in a way nothing else can. I am getting to know me again.

I’d say that is enough babble from me about this simple painting.
If you would like to get prints of it you can find them HERE.

Chocolate Cupcakes

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Chocolate cupcakes is what I’ve titled this one.
The painting measures 16″ wide x 20″ high.
Chocolate cupcakes art

Prints of this art can be had HERE.


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Another expressive painting measuring twenty inches across and sixteen inches high on stretched canvas.
The title is magnolias.

Magnolias painting by Aarron Laidig

Prints of this art may be found here on Society 6 and also
here via Pixels / Fine Art America.

When I was in my early twenties I bought a house. Actually I guess I should say I had a house built for me.
Anyways, it came with no yard and I didn’t have landscapers come in and do it. I wanted to play gardener myself.
Among the various things I did to my yard to transform it from raw brown dirt was plant a few trees and shrubs.
In the very front of my yard I planted a magnolia tree. It is actually considered shrub because it doesn’t grow over twenty feet and has that weird craggy bark, but I think of them as trees so that is what I’m calling it. I’ll refrain from telling about which sort of magnolia tree it was specifically because it is irrelevant to the art. It wasn’t irrelevant to me however as it was my favorite type magnolia tree.
Magnolias are hardy. Most anyways. This one was perfect for my yard. Where I planet it was perfect for the magnolia. Partial sun, good shade with three to five hours of direct sun daily depending on the time of year… I planted it right where all could see it and I watched it carefully.
It did not grow as it should. It grew at maybe a quarter of it’s expected speed.
Two years in it ceased growing almost completely. It then got a type of lichen growing on it. I had an arborist come look because I wasn’t sure what it was. I knew nothing about that sort of thing and thought it was killing my magnolia.
The arborist said it was fine and normal. It didn’t hurt a thing. He did say the tree was not particularly healthy though. He couldn’t tell me why however so I sought a second opinion. The other arborist also knew jack shit about why my magnolia wasn’t thriving. Bugging my landscaping clients turned out to be a waste of time. I learned that most landscapers don’t know jack shit about anything with plants besides how to plant them and tear them out.
Over the next few months I secretly became an expert on all things magnolia. They are pretty cool. They have been around since the frigg’n time of the dinosaurs. A hundred million years easily, and maybe longer, but mine wasn’t doing well.
Anyways… I did everything I could to pamper the stupid tree. I even bought another (which did just fine) to be it’s friend. Since it didn’t perk up I eventually dug up it’s friend and moved it to another place where it again did just fine.
My stubbornness didn’t end though. This was MY magnolia in the front of MY yard.
Years went by with me fiddling with the tree. It always bloomed for me, but never grew.
Eventually I sold my house. It was the house I’d gotten with my first wife. She had become my ex-wife and I didn’t wish to live in what once was a house we’d had together even though it was solely mine.
In selling my house I lost my magnolia tree and a few other things which were of importance to me for various foolish reasons.
I drove by my old house a year later and saw my magnolia wasn’t doing well. I drove by a few times the year after. On the third year when I drove by I found that the new owners of the house had had all the trees removed. My magnolia was gone.
I’ve not been by that house now in many years. There is no reason.
So many hours of reading, learning, care giving, and in general trying ended up being for nothing. I learned it really doesn’t matter how much work we put into things sometimes. The tree will grow or not all on it’s own no matter what we do.
We can appreciate the blossoms while they are there. That is about it.

Again – prints of this art may be found here on Society 6 and also
here via Pixels / Fine Art America.