Concomitantly Devine

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Coffee art and poetry because I know you can’t get enough…

concomitantly devine love poetry

My tarnished soul burns bright and clear
when you and I entwine.

The shambles of my memories,
which are a bane to my existence,
refrain their customary machinations
as time slips away in your arms.

For in those moments when we coalesce,
becoming complete in our involvement
we achieve a state of unflawed purity.

Synchronous with sentiment
our souls join closer than our bodies are capable,
lifting us to an immaculate state of being
we become innocent and divine if only for a time.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig – A Coffee Stained Heart
Avalable at Amazon

Fire Seeker

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Fire Seeker – That is what I have titled this one.
Fire Seeker

It is 20″ x 16″ and was done on loose canvas.
As always- you may click the image to see the painting larger.

Prints can be had HERE.


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Here is a little thing I wrote and a bit off my morning coffee mixed with some ink to make a lovely little ukulele image to go with my words.

You can find this poem and the accompanying illustration in my book – A Coffee Stained Heart.
The page layout is much nicer than this though. I did a quick rearrangement here to make it a square and extra readable for my Instagram account.
Instagram likes things nice and square.

ukulele love poem by Aarron Laidig

I wrote a song on Sunday for the ukulele I play no more.
I wrote it sitting at my piano and felt myself a whore.
I played it in the concert hall on my guitar so they would weep.
The ukulele behind the curtain in another’s hands looked cheap.
I went home with a check in hand for my grand performance.
My successful night didn’t make me smile, instead I felt abhorrence.
I laid my guitar against the wall and sat down to tap at ivory keys.
I played my tune once again and felt I was a sleaze.
I wished for my simple ukulele that I’d once long ago left behind,
my instrument I’d loved and learned on that was always on my mind.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig
A Coffee Stained Heart on Amazon.

The illusory rockstar

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I’m calling this one The illusory rockstar.
The working title was something along the lines of “All the peeps loving the show” or some such thing, but it evolved into a ton of different titles and ideas as I went along so it doesn’t really matter at this point I guess.
Anyways… it is 16″ wide x 20″ high on non stretched canvas.
The illusory rockstar painting by Aarron Laidig
You can get prints of this painting HERE, and you can get this as a bitch’n clock right HERE if you need to know what time it is.
If you are really into being cool and different you can even get a modified version of this painting on a frigg’n shirt HERE. I’d be careful with that one though… something like this on a shirt can act as a conversation started. I’m a hermit myself so don’t dig interactions with other humans besides what is absolutely necessary so I’d probably not do well with this shirt because of it’s conversation starting qualities, but that is just me.

One Pillow

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A poem called “One pillow” which can be found in my book ‘A Coffee Stained Heart.’
I know it is obvious I didn’t work overly hard on the accompanying image, but I thought it wasn’t necessary for this poem.
Sometimes simple is best.
I hope you enjoy it.
Poem Title One Pillow by Aarron Laidig

Sharing one pillow…
a hot summer’s night
with the sweat of passion
cooling on skin—
starlight through a window
reflecting in her eyes
as heartbeats slowed.
Sharing one pillow…
her smile made him say
he felt heaven on earth
in her arms.
With the sweat of passion
cooling on skin
as her fingertips
played on his back
tracing circles
she asked when
he had become so romantic.
Looking into her eyes
past the reflection
of glowing starlight in her eyes,
deep into her soul
where her true self lay open
he confessed
with reasoned sincerity
it was when
he’d found her.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig


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Blossoms I did with coffee and ink.
Blossoms in coffee and ink
This sketch was used on page 149 of my book – A Coffee Stained Heart.
It goes along with a bit of my infamous babble…

How strange it is that at any moment
without a bit of warning
a girl can cross your path and embed herself in your mind
until the end of your days.

How peculiar it seems
that we have no armor or safeguards against such a thing.
It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you are doing.
You could be alone and contemplating what you want to do with your life
or you could be happily married with three children, a house surrounded
by a white picket fence and thriving business when it happens.
The only thing that is certain is that she will forever be a part of you and
there is nothing you can do about it.
Maybe fate will make her your friend or lover.
Maybe fate will give her to you as a wife.
Maybe she will be heartache and misery
until your last breath.
Even if she doesn’t become a physical part of your life she will be there
because no matter what you do she will always
be a thought somewhere
floating around in your mind
like a murmur of another possibility.

Yes… strange it is. Miraculous and fucked up all at once. Happily and sadly true depending on the outcome. Fate…
anyways, I also made this bit of artfully messed with coffee stained paper which resembles some pretty blossoms available as a card incase some of you wish to send or give a coffee stained card to someone with pretty blossoms.
You can get it as a card HERE via Zazzle.

Foreseeable Retrospection

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I have titled this one Foreseeable Retrospection.
Foreseeable retrospection painting by Aarron Laidig
It is 20″ wide x 16″ high on a bit of non stretched canvas.
Acrylic paints are what I used.
You can get it as a print HERE via Fine Art America.
I suppose stylistically it is a bit surrealism and a bit expressionism with a big bunch of Aarronism in it.
My thoughts were not really on the style or even the composition which I usually am always aware of. In this case i’d say I was lucky because I like the composition and it happened by accident.
As usual I shall leave it up to you the viewer to get whatever meaning (or not) you may from it as I hold my lifelong stance that art is something that can only really be experienced subjectively by the viewer. It is all about life experiences and ways of thinking. For many this will be a very moving painting with relatable symbolism. while to others it may be a case of “What the fuck is that all about?”
If you are of the group which finds it relatable, thought provoking, or moving… again, prints can be had HERE.
Since Christmas is around the corner I will add a bit of babble.
If you are not in the market for art yourself, keep it in mind that art makes for a great gift.
As a person who supports himself off of my artistic endeavors 100% I feel it is in my best interest to mention that every once in a while.
It is also in the interest of art itself to keep people thinking about such things. All of us painters of pictures need to keep roofs over our head and food on the table. It isn’t always easy as we don’t get regular paychecks. Feast or famine is how many of us roll. Not all have been as lucky as I either. Every bit of art you buy (for yourself or as a gift) helps us professional artists keep painting and concentrating on our art instead of worrying about bills or how we can afford to buy our supplies. Buying art from unknown and aspiring artists helps them work towards someday quitting their day jobs to hopefully someday pursuing art full time. The arts (all of them) are important. Keep them alive and buy art from contemporary artists. Note that I said contemporary… That Rembrandt print you bought last year didn’t help anybody besides the execs at the company who printed it and maybe the retailer a bit. Nothing wrong with buying such things. I have many art reproductions of the master’s works. It doesn’t however help keep art moving in today’s society to purchase them.
So… Purchase some art from the people working today. That is my Christmas shopping art spiel.
I also added Foreseeable Retrospection to my society6 portfolio which is a bit different than Fine Art America and has many new and emerging artists. If you take a look around (check all my stuff out first) I’m sure you will find something of interest.