Peony Twilight

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I have given this canvas the title of Peony Twilight.

Peony Twilight by Aarron Laidig

You can get prints of this painting HERE.

I also did a cool remix of this one.
You can see and get the Remix HERE.

Amur leopards

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Amur leopard tattoo
This tattoo is of focuses on the Amur leopard.
Amur leopards are one of the coolest cats in existence and very endangered.
So endangered that not even a hundred of these critters exist in the wild anymore.
Though these guys once inhabited vast lands spread throughout China, Korea, Russia, and Japan, their last remaining viable wild population, which is estimated at under 60 cats is just a tiny area in the Russian Province of Primorsky Krai. They think there are around 10 or so somehow still living in China, but most likely these are leopards which are from Russia and crossed over.
The biggest threats to the remaining Amur leopards on earth are currently poaching, forest fires, and encroaching development into their last small areas.
Want to get involved or learn more about the Amur Leopard Crisis?
Check out these links.
Here is a multi view of the tattoo so you can see it at various angles. The one point view just didn’t do it justice.
Amur leopards by Aarron Laidig

Orange Peacock Rose

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Orange Peacock Rose is the title of this painting.
It is 16″ wide x 20″ high on stretched canvas.
You can get prints of this painting

Peacock with orange rose art by Aarron Laidig

I also did a remix of this one.
It is available via Society6.
The remix was an iffy thing. I messed with it for a pretty long while to get something I was satisfied with.
In the end though I think I pulled it off.
Remix of peacock painting

Amalgamated Hamadryads

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This one is 16″ wide x 20″ high on stretched canvas and titled Amalgamated Hamadryads.

Prints are available HERE.

There are tons of stories and myths about dryads and hamadryads. and if you have ever read the Metamorphoses of Ovid you are familiar with hamadryads.
Mythology seems to be a not so popular subject nowadays though so I’m guessing you haven’t.
Dryads are basically oak nymphs, or oak spirits, in Greek mythology. Though the word was specific to oak trees with the ancient Greeks it has changed over the centuries to be a generic term for any sort of tree spirit. They were super shy and basically kept to themselves except on rare occasions.
The only ones they liked to chill with regularly that wasn’t one of their own or another sort of forest creature was the goddess Artemis and in a few tales the goddess Demeter which is in some stories the mother of Artemis.
I did a watercolor of Demeter back in 2012 titled “Demeter in the view of mortals” which you can see here… HERE.
Anyways, that is what a dryad is basically.
All dryads were connected to their trees and lived centuries. Hamadryads though were more like an actual part of the tree. If a dryad’s tree was cut down for example it would cause the dryad pain and the dryad would be hurt and need find a new tree. If a hamadryad’s tree were destroyed the hamadryad would die. The Greek gods punished any mortals who harmed a hamadryad’s tree for that reason.
The best story of it (or one of the best) is in the Metamorphoses of Ovid.
It is about this dude named Erysichthon who was the king of Thessaly.
He wanted to build a big house of fine wood and sent his men to cut trees in a grove which was considered sacred. The grove happened to be a favorite place of nymphs and such and also a place that the Goddess Demeter really liked. He was probably F’d just by having that done in itself, but we shall never know because he went a step further.
There was this one really massive oak tree covered with votive wreaths which symbolized the answering of prayers by Demeter herself. That freaked Erysichthon’s men out so they wouldn’t touch the thing. Erysichthon got pissy and cut it down himself. The oak was the home of a hamadryad, or maybe it was the hamydryad itself depending on how you wish to view it. The hamadryad came forth and the hamadryad’s last words were a to put a curse on Erysichthon. Hamydryad curses aren’t worth much, but when the goddess Demeter is on your side it changes the situation. To punish him Demeter asked another goddess named Limos to put a special curse on him. Limos was the goddess of starvation among other things.
An odd note here is that in most mythology concerning Limos and Demeter they are at odds because Demeter was the goddess of the harvest which is pretty much not in lines with famine and starvation.
Anyways… Limos lays a big ass curse on our foolish king. From then on he was so hungry it was his only need and desire to eat food. Sounds bad enough, but with each bite he’d take he’d get hungrier too. It was a never ending and always increasing need. He lost his kingdom and all his money, he sold his daughter as a slave, and eventually got so hungry he ate himself.
Moral of the story? Leave the hamadryads (read trees) alone.

Every Night

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That Smirk - A Poem by A Laidig

I may never again view
that smirk you make,
or hear you giggle
with sweet delight.
The touch of your hand
on my cheek may be no more,
but every night
when I drift into sleep
I will hold you tight
and tell you that I love you
with all that I am.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig
A Coffee Stained Heart
Available on Amazon as an art book or on Kindle for you digital media types.
Poetry and prose revolving around love, heartache, and romance with accompanying illustrations created with ink and coffee.

This isn’t Camelot

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Far Far Away Poem By Aarron Laidig

This isn’t Camelot
and we’re not going far far away.
We are who we are
and this is where we will stay.
There will be no happy ever afters,
not for the likes of us;
we ruined our chances,
replaced dreams with mistrust.
Don’t get upset now,
because I speak what’s true.
Don’t feel slighted,
I didn’t do this to you.
It’s just how it is
in our modern age I guess.
The magic has left us,
all we get are some sad songs,
maybe a daydream to help us along,
but in the end we know
that life won’t be that kind.
The magic has left us,
left our whole world behind.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig
A Coffee Stained Heart
Available on Amazon as an art book or on Kindle for you digital media types.
Poetry and prose revolving around love, heartache, and romance with accompanying illustrations created with ink and coffee.

Monarch Orange Peony And Sparrows

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A bit of tattoo art flavor in this one for sure. The sparrows primarily I’d say, but the whole deal shows a bit of tattoo art feeling mixed with expressive brush strokes and groovy vibes.
Orange Peony And Sparrows

I’ve always like painting, drawing, and tattooing peonies. They translate well to a two dimensional surface and the way they open up seems relaxing to me. Pretty… not something I aim for in art generally, but flowers are pretty and I dig flowers.
A cool story about Peonies that I have always liked is This one about the Physician of the Gods. Paeon was his name and he was the physician of the Greek Gods. He was kinda like an intern though and worked under Aesculapius who was the god of medicine. The stories are a bit weird, and the two get mixed in history, but in this version Paeon is himself not actually a god while Aesculapius is. Anyways… Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto and Aesculapius got bent out of shape because he was jealous so decided to kill Paeon. Pluto wasn’t having any of that because Paeon had just fixed him up so he turned him into a peony to hide and protect him.

Since I babbled about Peonies I suppose I should say a bit on sparrows in art.
As most of you who follow my artsy shenanigans know I use (usually slightly hidden for the unknowing) a lot of symbolism in my art.
Sparrows are full of symbolism and it changes with how they are portrayed, directions, colors, and numbers. A solitary sparrow for example can be used to symbolize loneliness and solitary ways. Two sparrows however if interacting can represent undying love. Amour éternel! Can’t get more lovely than that… or more lonely if Fate decides to throw a monkey wrench in the gears of your life and keep you separated from your love.

So, besides this lovely painting which you can get prints of RIGHT HERE, there is also a remix I did of it.
I was pretty happy with the remix too.
I have made the remix available through Society6.