This isn’t Camelot

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Far Far Away Poem By Aarron Laidig

This isn’t Camelot
and we’re not going far far away.
We are who we are
and this is where we will stay.
There will be no happy ever afters,
not for the likes of us;
we ruined our chances,
replaced dreams with mistrust.
Don’t get upset now,
because I speak what’s true.
Don’t feel slighted,
I didn’t do this to you.
It’s just how it is
in our modern age I guess.
The magic has left us,
all we get are some sad songs,
maybe a daydream to help us along,
but in the end we know
that life won’t be that kind.
The magic has left us,
left our whole world behind.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig
A Coffee Stained Heart
Available on Amazon as an art book or on Kindle for you digital media types.
Poetry and prose revolving around love, heartache, and romance with accompanying illustrations created with ink and coffee.

Monarch Orange Peony And Sparrows

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A bit of tattoo art flavor in this one for sure. The sparrows primarily I’d say, but the whole deal shows a bit of tattoo art feeling mixed with expressive brush strokes and groovy vibes.
Orange Peony And Sparrows

I’ve always like painting, drawing, and tattooing peonies. They translate well to a two dimensional surface and the way they open up seems relaxing to me. Pretty… not something I aim for in art generally, but flowers are pretty and I dig flowers.
A cool story about Peonies that I have always liked is This one about the Physician of the Gods. Paeon was his name and he was the physician of the Greek Gods. He was kinda like an intern though and worked under Aesculapius who was the god of medicine. The stories are a bit weird, and the two get mixed in history, but in this version Paeon is himself not actually a god while Aesculapius is. Anyways… Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto and Aesculapius got bent out of shape because he was jealous so decided to kill Paeon. Pluto wasn’t having any of that because Paeon had just fixed him up so he turned him into a peony to hide and protect him.

Since I babbled about Peonies I suppose I should say a bit on sparrows in art.
As most of you who follow my artsy shenanigans know I use (usually slightly hidden for the unknowing) a lot of symbolism in my art.
Sparrows are full of symbolism and it changes with how they are portrayed, directions, colors, and numbers. A solitary sparrow for example can be used to symbolize loneliness and solitary ways. Two sparrows however if interacting can represent undying love. Amour éternel! Can’t get more lovely than that… or more lonely if Fate decides to throw a monkey wrench in the gears of your life and keep you separated from your love.

So, besides this lovely painting which you can get prints of RIGHT HERE, there is also a remix I did of it.
I was pretty happy with the remix too.
I have made the remix available through Society6.

Magenta Orchids

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Magenta Orchids on non stretched canvas.
When I am feeling taxed out floral works are my go to subject matter for artistic chill time.
Colorful, non demanding, therapeutic.
Painting of Magenta orchids by aarron Laidig
In this case I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by life and told a friend I was going to be painting some flowers. She asked what kind and I said I had no idea, and she should pick them. She said orchids and said to go with magenta.
That is the whole darn story.
The excitement never ends in my life.
Prints are available via Fine Art America/Pixels.

Wanna Go?

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Wanna go?
We can’t.
Yeah, I guess you are right.
So goes the story.
Then again, who gets to do all they want?
I used to do pretty much anything and everything I wanted. That was another life though… another story.

Sandy beach and palm trees painting by Aarron Laidig

The Art = Something a bit different for me here… A sandy beach and palm trees make the setting while a hammock calls out to be a place to relax in this painting. It was inspired I guess by talk of Bora Bora and the Maldives with a friend. This odd (for me) painting was done in very short bits (literally a few minutes at a time) spread out over more than a year. The majority of those few minute painting spurts were done I’d guess between January and April of 2016. For the most part this canvas just sat in a corner on an easel all year.
After it hogging that corner space for so long I decided I must finish it and did so with about two hours of work spread over two days.
My friend (whom I’d been talking of the Maldives with) thought I should have done more. Her suggestion was to paint a window frame so as to make it appear as if we were looking out onto the scene from inside. I toyed with the idea, but decided not to go there. I also considered a bungalow or a boat on the water, but in the end said “Fuck it, I’m done.”
So now I have this painting which doesn’t fit stylistically or thematically with any of my other work.
I’m unsure what to even do with it. Oh-well, time will tell.
I did make prints available though as many people who have stopped in my studio seemed to like it.
You can get prints HERE via Society6 along with this art on other fun stuff like clocks, phone cases, travel cups, notebooks, rugs, pillows, and more.

Come Naked Before Me

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A page from my book. (A Coffee Stained heart)

Come Naked Poem
The art was done with my regular morning coffee and ink.
The poem title is “Come Naked Before Me.”

She would dress up for me,
fresh makeup and hair so smooth…
For so very long she’d play the game
of trying to be pleasant.

Eventually I told her
that she was prettiest in nothing at all.

She stripped down before me,
and kicked off her heels.

Her body naked before me was something I adored,
but what I had meant was so much more.

I wanted her naked before me in body and soul.
Her everything raw and real without any pretending
so I could absorb her truth and make it mine.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig – A Coffee Stained Heart
Avalable at Amazon

Excerpt Image from poem

Rumors Of Spring

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Spring is coming. I can feel it.
This painting is titled Rumors Of Spring.
Rumors Of Spring painting by Aarron Laidig
I did this one on a bit of non stretched canvas. I’m liking that recently, but I go back and forth. If I do to much I start missing the bounce and spring of the stretched canvases.
You can get prints of this painting HERE.
I also did a remix (with not to much change) that I put on RedBubble. I mostly went to the trouble of that because I thought if I made this a bit bolder it would mke an excelent throw pillow and I of course love the Redbubble stickers. You can get a squared off version of this as a sticker for as little as $2.50, but… the awesomeness is in the 14″x14″ sticker for $14. Don’t worry about it being a crappy off your printer type sticker that you are wasting $14 on. These are Removable, individually die-cut, quality vinyl stickers. They kick ass.


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This painting is 18″ high and 24″ wide on stretched canvas.
I’ve named this painting Embers.
Embers by Aarron Laidig Fine Erotic Art
I named it Embers because that is what I was thinking of when painting it. Two embers in a fire together. The heat of each increasing that of the other and they are in a sense one being where that heat comes together.
That is what my thoughts were about and that is therefore what I titled it.
Ironically I was also attempting to make the painting not look fiery. Fire seemed to ring of lust to much without allowing for the serenity I also wished to portray in this piece. and I was using fire like colors so wished to shy away from the feelings of flames while still getting the embers feeling on the canvas. Plus, flames would have been to easy. I wanted a more simple and dreamlike quality.
It is a moment of paradise.
Here is why…
My intent when I started this painting was to show something like soul sex.
The type of sex that can’t be had with just anyone… sex between soul mates… twin flames even.
It is more of a union of spirit than just physical. It is the bringing close together of separate things that were meant to always be one in the first place. Fiery passion can and does exist in such scenarios, but that is just a tiny bit of it.
I also did a digital remix of this painting.
There is an element of time standing still and all things being one which I added to it. Or I guess I should say I attempted to add such an element.
The flow… you can get lost in it with such a bonding. It isn’t just now that it is happening is why. It is a continuation of the past and the future. It is what has happened in your previous lives and will happen in the future. There is never a close enough feeling in this life between twin flames. It is never easy either. The nature of human existence is to keep them separated. The nature of our essence is however to seek to become one again.
Here is the remix.
Embers Remix Art of Twin Soul Union

You can get prints of Embers (the painting) HERE via Fine Art America.
You can get Prints of Embers Remix HERE via Society6, and also HERE via RedBubble.
The items and print availability is different on Society6 and Redbubble which is why I included both links.