Modeling information & opportunities

Modeling information & opportunities for the locals.
This information is primarily for Olympic Peninsula residents wishing to work with me on my various art projects.

I am constantly seeking models for my various projects.
I don’t however personally ask people to model for me unless they have contacted me first showing an interest in doing so.

In general I offer non-paid modeling work in exchange for prints or products with new models.
I do have some paid modeling work available occasionally, but ONLY for models I am already working with. If you have modeled for me within the last 12 months then you can feel free to ask about such work. If not please do not expect to be offered a paying gig. This applies to trade work/deals also.

What I currently need models for:

  • Art projects of a photographic nature. Target use is galleries, online print sales, and commercial usage. Often I will use such images for digital art projects.
  • Models for my paintings and illustrations. Target use is primarily galleries with some print sales and commercial usage.
  • Costume and lingerie models. Target is commercial use.
  • Adult novelty and sexual enhancement product models. Target  is commercial and educational use.
  • My special projects – AKA – Art for social change.  I often use art and photography in ways to encourage thought.  Usually these projects promote self awareness, global change, environmental health, positive body image, sex positivism, social acceptance, personal liberties, and other things that  inspire in me a need to act. If you are confused on this please just think “peace, love, and understanding,” and you will get a glimpse of my mindset.

That last one is what keeps me broke, but keeps me creating. My more commercial gigs fund my personal projects.

Photo discs, prints, and products are the usual exchange… plus of course the opportunity to be a part in some amazingly wonderful artistic endeavor that will amaze the world. 🙂

Please note that the majority of what I do is a bit on the racy side, often involves some nudity, and is targeted towards an adult audience.

Types of models I need:

  • For  my paintings and illustrations I usually just contact people I know are interested. There is no specific type of model for this. At various times I have needed all sorts. If you wish to be a model for a painting/paintings/drawings/etc… please let me know and I will put you on my list.
  • For my costume and lingerie shoots I need women who are body confident and consider themselves  sexy.  Costume shoots are usually for prints and lingerie shoots often include the item. Please inquire.
  • For my adult novelty and sexual enhancement product photo shoots I need women who visually are middle aged or younger. All shapes and sizes are desired. The main  need here is a very confident attitude.  You will receive product for this usually, and prints or a disc can usually be given if requested.
  • For my art projects of a photographic nature I need men & women of all ages and shapes. I also need couples (real couples) wishing to work together. Couples may be of any orientation.

All models must be legal adults aged eighteen years or older.
Still interested?

If you are just shoot me an email telling me

  1. Who you are.
  2. Your age.
  3. What types of modeling you are interested in.
  4. A bit about yourself and why you’d like to model.

Please also include a pic or two and let me know your body comfort level.
I am G rated and wish to do only fully clothed modeling
I am PG rated and can show some nudity.
I am R rated and am comfortable enough to get nude and be slightly suggestive.
I am X rated and am not ashamed of my genitals.
I am XX rated and comfortable enough to simulate sexual situations.
I am XXX rated and have few if any inhibitions.
I am red-hot-adventurous and ready for most anything.

Email me at this address.
contact me
You can’t click it. You must type it in. (hate email spam)
Please make sure you use my correct name spelling if you want it to actually get to me.
Double A and double R is how it is spelled.

If you have questions please just ask.

As an additional little note I would like to remind everyone that I am not a hobby artist/photographer trying to build a portfolio or some such thing.
I am a lifelong professional artist who makes his bread & butter through my artistic adventures.
Therefor I would like to ask that if you are a flake and can’t keep appointments and arrive on location at least semi close to a stated time… Don’t ask to model.

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