All about Artistic Flow

Artistic Flow is all about the flow of mind and art. My mind and art to be specific.
If you are looking for my tattoo studio page you can find it here.

My name is Aarron Laidig.
That is the correct spelling and I was given no middle name.

I am a life long visual artist. I have scratched out my livelihood on this planet primarily through the use of paint brushes, pencils, pens, cameras, tattoo machines, and photo editing software.
In other words I paint, draw, tattoo, and take pictures for my bread and butter.

I also write poetry, but since such things are not appreciated in this day and age it has done little for keeping a roof over my head. It may also have a bit to do with my lacking any great poetic skills, but the truth is that good or bad… poets don’t pay bills by painting with words.

I am very liberal in my thinking and self label as a libertine.
Please don’t confuse liberal thinking with American liberal politics. If you are a “political liberal” I hope you take no offense, but when it comes to the definition of being a liberal person I think Inigo Montoya would say… You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Political liberals and conservatives alike seem to mostly be about controlling others and forcing behaviors on them.
Fuck that. Live and let live.

Opinionated is also something I am.

Though I love the act of creating I despise the business and bullshit social cliques involved in selling, showing, publishing, and promoting.

My favorite sport is the Triathlon though I rarely partake.
My addictions are coffee and sex with a good latte being my drink of choice and oral sex being far more enticing than intercourse.

If you are a closed minded bigot who believes your way is the only way then you will probably not like anything I post about or any of my art.
If on the other hand you are an open minded and adventurous soul… you are bound to find a bit of wonder and loveliness within my work.
To you I say “enjoy!”