An Anguished Slumber

The first person to see this said “She looks like she is in pain.”
I replied with “Life is painful.”
She in turn said “Yes it is.”
That was the entire conversation.
Anguished Slumber Painting by Aarron Laidig
This painting is titled ‘An Anguished Slumber.’
Life is pain, and painful things happen. The thoughts can consume us, and it for some becomes so horrible that their only respite is to fade into sleep and not have to deal with it.
Ah, but then there are those nights when even in slumber we cannot escape the looping circles of the dark thoughts, the feelings of grief, loss, confusion, and pain.
If you’ve been there you’ll understand. Maybe if you’ve witnessed it in someone close you could begin to understand also.
If you’ve experienced neither I don’t think it possible to understand no matter how much it is explained.
Prints of An Anguished Slumber can be had here.

~ by Aarron on November 23, 2018.

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