Wanna Go?

Wanna go?
We can’t.
Yeah, I guess you are right.
So goes the story.
Then again, who gets to do all they want?
I used to do pretty much anything and everything I wanted. That was another life though… another story.

Sandy beach and palm trees painting by Aarron Laidig

The Art = Something a bit different for me here… A sandy beach and palm trees make the setting while a hammock calls out to be a place to relax in this painting. It was inspired I guess by talk of Bora Bora and the Maldives with a friend. This odd (for me) painting was done in very short bits (literally a few minutes at a time) spread out over more than a year. The majority of those few minute painting spurts were done I’d guess between January and April of 2016. For the most part this canvas just sat in a corner on an easel all year.
After it hogging that corner space for so long I decided I must finish it and did so with about two hours of work spread over two days.
My friend (whom I’d been talking of the Maldives with) thought I should have done more. Her suggestion was to paint a window frame so as to make it appear as if we were looking out onto the scene from inside. I toyed with the idea, but decided not to go there. I also considered a bungalow or a boat on the water, but in the end said “Fuck it, I’m done.”
So now I have this painting which doesn’t fit stylistically or thematically with any of my other work.
I’m unsure what to even do with it. Oh-well, time will tell.
I did make prints available though as many people who have stopped in my studio seemed to like it.
You can get prints HERE via Society6 along with this art on other fun stuff like clocks, phone cases, travel cups, notebooks, rugs, pillows, and more.

~ by Aarron on April 5, 2017.

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