Monarch Orange Peony And Sparrows

A bit of tattoo art flavor in this one for sure. The sparrows primarily I’d say, but the whole deal shows a bit of tattoo art feeling mixed with expressive brush strokes and groovy vibes.
Orange Peony And Sparrows

I’ve always like painting, drawing, and tattooing peonies. They translate well to a two dimensional surface and the way they open up seems relaxing to me. Pretty… not something I aim for in art generally, but flowers are pretty and I dig flowers.
A cool story about Peonies that I have always liked is This one about the Physician of the Gods. Paeon was his name and he was the physician of the Greek Gods. He was kinda like an intern though and worked under Aesculapius who was the god of medicine. The stories are a bit weird, and the two get mixed in history, but in this version Paeon is himself not actually a god while Aesculapius is. Anyways… Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto and Aesculapius got bent out of shape because he was jealous so decided to kill Paeon. Pluto wasn’t having any of that because Paeon had just fixed him up so he turned him into a peony to hide and protect him.

Since I babbled about Peonies I suppose I should say a bit on sparrows in art.
As most of you who follow my artsy shenanigans know I use (usually slightly hidden for the unknowing) a lot of symbolism in my art.
Sparrows are full of symbolism and it changes with how they are portrayed, directions, colors, and numbers. A solitary sparrow for example can be used to symbolize loneliness and solitary ways. Two sparrows however if interacting can represent undying love. Amour ├ęternel! Can’t get more lovely than that… or more lonely if Fate decides to throw a monkey wrench in the gears of your life and keep you separated from your love.

So, besides this lovely painting which you can get prints of RIGHT HERE, there is also a remix I did of it.
I was pretty happy with the remix too.
I have made the remix available through Society6.

~ by Aarron on April 27, 2017.

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