Rumors Of Spring

Spring is coming. I can feel it.
This painting is titled Rumors Of Spring.
Rumors Of Spring painting by Aarron Laidig
I did this one on a bit of non stretched canvas. I’m liking that recently, but I go back and forth. If I do to much I start missing the bounce and spring of the stretched canvases.
You can get prints of this painting HERE.
I also did a remix (with not to much change) that I put on RedBubble. I mostly went to the trouble of that because I thought if I made this a bit bolder it would mke an excelent throw pillow and I of course love the Redbubble stickers. You can get a squared off version of this as a sticker for as little as $2.50, but… the awesomeness is in the 14″x14″ sticker for $14. Don’t worry about it being a crappy off your printer type sticker that you are wasting $14 on. These are Removable, individually die-cut, quality vinyl stickers. They kick ass.

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~ by Aarron on March 10, 2017.

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