Coherent Affinities

‘Coherent Affinities’ is the title of this painting.
I did this on a 24″ wide x 20″ high stretched canvas.
Coherent Affinities Painting Fine art threesome themed paintings
You can get prints of this lovely bit of art right HERE via Fine Art America.
So… my thought process in this one changed a bit as I did it. I started out loosely and was being pretty messy while thinking to do an extremely erotic sex scene type deal. I was all about having it be a hot fmf threesome of the lustiest sort, but I kept getting texts from someone and it was killing my groove. My whole vibe changed and I ended up thinking more along the lines of meaningful, and in a way innocent sex. Like a caring need rather than a fired up lust. The texting then changed because I was getting texts from three different people and it was interrupting me bad. My groove went sour and I started making the whole thing seem forced and shitty.
I decided to say fuck it and berated myself for attempting to paint at that particular time of day when I knew I’d be bombarded with interrupting texts, phone calls, and actual physical people coming to talk to me. The painting ended up sitting around for a few days until I had a good feeling about hitting it with a paint brush again. I was in a chill and creative mood… almost serine so didn’t mind any of what had happened before while painting on this particular canvas. I left what was there and worked with it so ended up with a piece that has a lot of emotional depth to it on many different levels.

Besides the print available via Fine Art America of this painting their is also a digital remixed version I did which can be had via Society6 as both a print and as a clock. I really dig their clocks.

~ by Aarron on February 6, 2017.

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