Reiterative marital disdain and despotism

Reiterative marital disdain and despotism is the title of this lovely oddity.
Reiterative marital disdain and despotism painting by Aarron Laidig

Acquiescent in his role of being subservient this poor husband kisses the feet of his disdainful wife.
Monotony has eaten at their lives. The drudgery has stolen any flames that once flickered.
The husband tries, but the wife gives zero shits and goes along with it out of habit.
These two have tried it all. The spices have been added to the stew of their matrimonial incarceration time and again.
They have hung from their chandeliers, partied like rock stars, attended orgies galore, and beat each other to tears to prolong the dying of their once imagined fire.
Now… it is over, but still they go on. For years more they will be drudging through until sanity begins to flee.
He shall continue to serve and do his duty while she accepts his favors with no real thanks or caring.
Mourn not for the pitiful existence you are witnessing. It is the ordinary course of events to be found in present-day marriage. It is the rule rather than exception in our times.
In our age of super boredom and loneliness so many mistake like for love, gladness for exultation, and excitement for passion. Wonderful things they all are, but they leave empty places inside and wither away over the years, but, hey… it’s semi comfortable and secure. They have that.
Yes indeed, the ordinary course of events.
Prints of this painting can be had HERE.

~ by Aarron on April 23, 2016.

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