Pink Lace Under Blue Jeans

Pink Lace Under Blue Jeans is what the title of this 12″x12″ acrylic on canvas painting is.
Originally it was to be “Pink Lace Panties Under Bluejeans,” but I thought it overly long and figured the panties part was obvious. I went with “Blue Jeans” rather than “bluejeans” because it bugs me when it is all one word even though I know some people write it out as one word.
Pink Lace Under Blue Jeans fine art painting by Aarron Laidig
This little painting is very suggestive and I really enjoyed doing it.
I painted it in a style (technique and such) that I rarely paint in anymore except when doing certain commissions that call for it.
This one wasn’t a commission, it was just for my own pleasure.
I decided to go with this more realistic painting look simply because I was working with so little subject matter and wanted it to tantalize. I didn’t think I could really get that tantalizing effect with one of my more usual expressive styles or a playful hard edged style. I was going for yum factor and my only artistic care beyond that was to make sure the composition (also because I was using such a narrow field in the subject matter department) was absolutely perfect so as not to allow easy distractions from outside the square borders and to lead the eye where I wanted. Simplicity requires thought. The more simple the idea the more important that composition is.
I also played down my colors and limited my palette for much the same reason.
Success. I love this one.
You can get prints of this painting HERE.

As a side note… I didn’t use a model for this one (which you all know I usually do, but I had a friends body shape in mind when I did it and it came out pretty darn sexy and very her in the body movement department. My weird brain gave me the idea of painting or drawing people I know from visualization sometime and then having them recreate the pose to see if I could successfully through my minds eye capture them. Reverse modeling kinda. If ever I get time for such a project I am thinking it would be extremely fun and challenging.

~ by Aarron on January 18, 2016.

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