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Someone sent me this sexual bucket list type meme today with all of their bucket list items attached and wanted me to send one back with mine.
The problem is that I don’t really have a sexual bucket list.
I’ve never thought to have one for the first part, and for the second I think I have at least a few times done pretty much everything I have ever had even the slightest inkling towards sexually.

That is except one thing…
To be denied and not denied at the same time.
To be teased relentlessly and endlessly.
That is a fantasy of mine I have never experienced.
Oh sure, I have had girls tease me whom I have been with already.
I’ve also been teased a few times in one off type situations, but that isn’t it.
What I am talking about is a continuous thing.
Everything except actual “sex.”
A friend with benefits type relationship that has all the benefits except that one.
The reason this fantasy is so hot to me is because being teased like that makes me want. It makes me desire. It drives me insane.
Lets kiss, play, get naked, roll around, oral sex included… but NOT that.
Just rub and tease.
Make it an almost , but “nope” type thing.
Do this every time until there is no other want in existence except to go beyond that point.
That is hot!
That is the one thing I have never been able to sexually fulfill.
Tease Me Sketch
Probably sounds like an easy thing to achieve when first thinking about it, but it isn’t.
I could set you up with a dozen people of your chosen gender dressed as Christmas elves a hundred times over I think before accomplishing this.
Why is it so hard?
Here is why.
It is easy to get a partner to play a tease game with me.
I love that and do partake, but the problem is that if I know I can taste that fruit or have tasted it I find it is not truly forbidden.
It is only temporarily denied.
The person must be someone I have never been with in that way. Maybe, just maybe it would work with someone I hadn’t been with for a long time. I’m unsure, but by long time I mean years.
So.. it must be someone new.
Also it can’t just be anybody. It must be someone whom I find extremely attractive in all ways. I must think her beautiful, and smart, and funny. I must find her sexy and interesting.
She must be someone whom I seriously want right from the start or there is nothing to tease me with.
It is all about wanting someone and having that want stoked through teasing until it simply must happen.
How often is it that we in this world meet a person we find extremely attractive? How often do they stay attractive once they speak and you see the real them?
For me at least it is rare. Very rare.
Then to have that person be available for such a relationship and find me attractive as well adds to the conundrum.
Now lets add to that fun mix the idea that she finds the idea of teasing and being teased until neither of us can take it anymore hot enough to go for this scenario.
Probabilities are not great for all of that falling into place.
Yes indeed, my one item bucket list may end up never being filled.

There are even more factors than I mentioned above that make my little fantasy not a very easy to live out one.
I lack a lot of free time. Have very little free time to be more specific. I’m also married and for some the idea of that is a big taboo. Also if the person is to be around me enough to repeatedly tease me then she will obviously meet my aforementioned wife and they must also at least like each other as friends for everything to work. Another thing is I don’t flirt unless flirted with first. I also never make a first move. The list goes on and on… still. Someday, maybe… all the pieces will fall into place even though it seems improbable. I hope. I keep the fantasy. It is possible (by a tiny little miracle) that I will empty my sexual bucket list completely.

~ by Aarron on December 8, 2015.

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