Her name is love

I painted this cruel lady back in 2005 and called her love. Yes, her name is love. It was basically my way of saying that sometimes love can be an evil and murderess creature just waiting to get her hooks into you. I never posted it anyplace before that I recall, but on running into it in my art storage I thought maybe I should. Here she is. Her name is love.
her name is love painting
I guess she is sorta a not so bullshitty female version of Cupid.
Fuck Cupid. He is a little fuck.
This chick is more obvious with her intent and the damage she will do.
I did a remix of this sweet and loving creature too.
Here it is.
her name is love remixed art
The remix is new, the painting is old.
I actually don’t recall doing the painting, but I do recall what it was about.
Weird F’n memory I have.

If you are wishing a print of the original painting you can find it HERE.
If you are digg’n the remixed version (Would be my choice) you can find it HERE.

~ by Aarron on November 30, 2015.

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