Girl with green panties bj sketch

Another one of my messy mixed medium sketches featuring my favorite way for a friend to say they dig hanging out with me.
Yes indeed there is no better way to say “Hey, I like you” to me than a nice BJ.

Mixed Medium Girl with green panties bj sketch art

I also appreciate it when my friends let me take fun little pictures of them while they are saying “Hey, I like you” so that if I happen to be thinking about them I can pull up one of the photos and think “ahh, what a great friend.”
If it has been a while I may even get inspired and doodle up a quick sketch from the photo or even a memory of the event.
Usually it is a photo unless it was a very good and long time friend because my memory fades all the pictures in my head.
Sadly there are many past friends I can’t even recall what they looked like anymore.
Photos and even such sketches as this one can remind me indefinitely. It is one of the reasons I sketch things even… to cement them in memory.

A few years back I did a few fancy acrylic paintings and a couple oils featuring my point of view type blowjobs and I really enjoyed them.
Sadly though they didn’t sell easily or quickly. If they had I’d be doing them still. The entire time I am working on something I am feeling it to an extent which is one of the reasons my work gets more impressionistic as the years go by I think. I’m conveying the thought, experience, emotion, and sensation rather than attempting to illustrate the act or event in itself.
Besides that I was forced (to make a dime) to do way to much in the meaningless illustration department in my past. Fuck sterile realism and art without flow. Obviously I still do such work, but the thrill of just drawing an image in itself left me a good 20 years back. Want that? Take a picture and if all else fails Photoshop will save you.

Anyways… enough yabber jabber blabber… This was done on hot press watercolor paper. I used ink, oil pastels, watercolors, sanguine, sepia, and charcoal.
Prints are not available.
At the time of this blog posting the original is now for sale. You can find it HERE via my erotic art originals catalog for the fabulous price of just $120 because I whipped this baby out super fast.

~ by Aarron on November 12, 2015.

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