Rainbow World Girl

This is one of those made some random art to take a break from making art pieces.
In other words… “I was super backed up on client art and needed to clear my head from it all so I decided to just fiddle around for a bit.”
I did this on a piece of watercolor paper measuring 12″ high x 16″ wide.
I first used a Graphic 1 Pigma pen to sketch in the basic image idea of the girl. If you are unfamiliar with that type of pen it is basically a semi pointy, but kinda brushy medium thick ink pen similar to a marker made by Sakura. They rock. I sketch and draw with them a lot. The ink is nice and black plus it is archival and doesn’t suffer from fading.
I then did some some very light pencil sketching to shape out shadow areas because I was planning to do the face all rainbowish with watercolors and just going all willy-nilly with that usually makes mud. A tiny bit of planning saves the day sometimes with watercolors.
Once I broke the watercolors out however I had a change of heart and used more fleshy hues. Burnt sienna and burnt umber along with various yellows mostly. No clue why I changed my mind, but that is the point in random doodle style art making… To NOT restrict oneself like we artists often must when working for our daily bread and fulfilling the request of our clients and patrons.
Still thinking rainbow I went super sloppy messy for the hair and the shadow line area with multiple random hues created with fast brush strokes. The colors chosen were via grabbing the top few tubes of paints from a bag. Fun Fun Fun.
I felt refreshed and set my wet mess to the side for a bit so that it could dray and did a bit of client artwork.
Once dry I went at it with a bit of charcoal, sepia, and sanguine to make it all pretty like and interesting. I’d planned to go back in with a tad of ink , but before I got to that it seemed to say “ta-dah, I am finished!”
I had no working title for this, and I couldn’t think of a sweet one after either, so I am calling it “Rainbow World Girl” for lack of my having a better thought.

If you click the pic you will see a detail of it and a full image link as well.
Rainbow World Girl art by Aarron Laidig

You can get prints of this via Society6. It is also available on Society6 as a shirt, clock, throw pillow, iPhone case, and a few other fun things.
I did a remix of it which is available via RedBubble that I think is pretty sweet too.
My fave is however my remix that I did for Imagekind.
Here it is as available on Imagekind on a stretched canvas.
It is also available on that size as a framed or unframed print and lower cost posters too.

Rainbow World Girl Art On Canvas

~ by Aarron on July 13, 2015.

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