Atomic Tangerine Twist

I got this new FLUID hot press paper I wanted to try out and had no idea what to do on it.
I often end up doing these weird surreal dancer / yoga type images when I have no idea what to do for some reason and want to fiddle with new media.
For this I used ink (both some wet stuff in a dip pen and some pigma pens) to see how the surface took them. I then used some watercolors. Cheap ass art advantage stuff from my local stationers which is just a couple blocks from my studio. I finished it off with some Sepia. Prismacolor sepia pencil to be specific. Don’t buy cheap sepia pencils or sticks folks. Get the good stuff. Cheap shit isn’t consistent. Always end up hitting a super hard chunk right when you are swooshing the thing across the paper. I always use prismacolor for my pencil versions. Use a couple different ones for my raw sticks.
Anyways… here is what I made.
I ended up thinking “that is pretty darn sweet!”
Partially I think it was because I really had no idea what I was doing when I started. If I’d planned ahead it would have taken me half as long, but it also would have had a more staged feeling I think.
Never will know though.
Anyways… I also did two different remixes of this.
One of them was specifically done for my Society6 portfolio. It is cool so Check it out HERE. I took a bit of the tangerine tones away for it though. The result was I re-titled it just “Atomic Twist.”
I was having fun playing with the image when I was getting it ready for Society^ so just kept fiddling around.
I ended up with a look I totally dig. Check that out HERE.
Prints of the original (non altered version) can be found on Fine Art America.

Here is a link to the Sepia pencils I was talking about for you fellow artsy types that follow Artistic Flow.
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil, Sepia (3374)
I should warn you though… just because this LOOKS like a Prismacolor colored pencil doesn’t mean it works with their regular color pencils. If you just want the color, but not the rough texture I do not suggest these. They don’t blend and work in the same manner.

~ by Aarron on April 25, 2015.

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