Siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish aka Betta fish done Aarron Style
Siamese fighting fish Aarron Style Art
(Betta splendens) drawn with prismacolor color pencils.
I used to breed Bettas as a hobby back when I was a teenager along with a few other fish. Bettas always were a fave though because I loved their bubble nests. It was really cool. I bred for color and shot for blues, but never could get to the level I wanted. Nowadays they use nasty coloring agents to get the poor little critters as vivid as you often see in the stores.
Wild Siamese fighting fish are not very colorful at all. They also don’t have the super fancy fins. The Betta fish you most likly know and love is about as natural as French poodle. Basically it is a creature of selective breeding by man.

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~ by Aarron on February 10, 2015.

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