Dancer study

I decided it had been to long since I mixed it up with materials.
I decided to fiddle around with some watercolors and see how it worked with a bit of sanguine mixed in. I ended up needing to toss in some sepia too because the sanguine was to harsh and red for the quick watercolor study I did, but the sepia saved it as far as tonal values go.
Here is the result.
ballerina art study in watercolor and sanguine
Overall as a piece of art I dislike it. I do however like how the sanguine looks with the watercolors. I think that even though I needed sepia to blend it all together it was a successful experiment.
A couple years ago I tried it in a limited way on a watercolor I had been messing with charcoal on, but it was just a blender so I never used it (the sanguine) directly on the watercolors.
So… even though I dislike it as art, I do like it in other ways and as a soft, low detail illustration it works.
Prints are available HERE.

I also made a digital remix of the piece which I personally feel is much stronger.
The overall softness of the original is gone from it though so some may disagree it it being stronger.
You can see the remix of it HERE.

~ by Aarron on January 15, 2015.

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