Mike’s Wife

As far as naughty art prints go I think my SIZZLES have been pretty well received.

This is a sizzle, but it is unique.
It is a custom made bit of sizzling artwork.
I started with an ink sketch before going digital. I did a few versions before getting it “just right.”
It needed to be printed at 21″ wide x 30″ high to fit a special nook too. The version you see here is just slightly off of that and a tad of cropping was done before printing.
I will say that this was an extremely fun piece of art to make.
My working title was “Mike’s Wife.”
The piece is actually untitled as far as I know though.
Mike's Wife Erotic Art Sizzle
This SIZZLE is not available as prints. If your really dig it however you can get small photo prints directly through me.

~ by Aarron on August 6, 2014.

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