Random figure sketch

I was sorting through a pile of ink sketches from last summer and came across this.

figure sketch in ink
It was from last July and in one of my “maybe keep” pile. The maybe keep piles are basically sketches that I am not 100% sure I will need as reference sketches for other art and that I am in general not particularly keen on, but do see something worth holding on to it just in case.
So… I ran across this one and said to myself “hmm, I like it.”
It has now been moved to one of my “Cool Sketches” piles instead of staying in the maybe keep pile.
It isn’t heading to one of my “references for later” type piles though. It doesn’t have in it anything that makes me want to paint it, and the pose itself is to simple to need it as a general reference for paintings.
It is just cool (to me) on it’s own. It has a bit of personality to it. It captured the models attitude. I saw it and could see/feel her attitude and demeanor. I like that in a sketch. It is always accidental to get that when sketching, but much more valuable in my brain than when I get it in a painting or controlled drawing. It is real and raw. It is life.
(click the image to see it larger)

~ by Aarron on December 16, 2013.

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