Amanda Removing Her Jeans

The post is called “Amanda Removing Her Jeans” because I liked this particular ink sketch enough to upload it to my sketch section on imagekind and needed to title it.
Why I titled it that is simply because it is pretty obvious, but why I liked this sketch has nothing much to do with that.

Amanda Removing Her Jeans figure sketch figure drawing pen and ink

What it has to do with is moments in time and girls in general when it comes to them not knowing exactly how to react to the things weirdos like me say.

I love, love, love the reactions I get sometimes from a girl when they are caught off guard and don’t know exactly how to respond. Facial expressions coupled with body language can say more than anything they could have vocalized. I especially love it when this happens and I don’t know the girl super well. The better I know them the less they react in such ways and the more apt they are just to say “Fuck You!”
That is seriously not as fun as their whole body and expression saying “what the fuck?” while they mentally grasp with whatever I just asked them or told them to do that they are not sure of. Sometimes it is just an odd comment that throws them off their path. It doesn’t matter, the reactions are so fun.

So… the sketch above. Imagine if you will a girl in her late twenties who you don’t know at all. You have literally only talked to her once before, but now she is on your bed. You are an artist and have been making a few sketches of her in various poses. First clothed and then topless. Between sketches you are taking photos for references. She has never modeled before. She has doubts of herself. You are a known professional artist with an odd reputation and you have made her very comfortable via your slightly off the wall banter and your obvious been here and done this a thousand pus times attitude.
You are working her into a super comfy, playful, and sexy feeling frenzy so she gives you good poses and good face for the camera.
Your goal is to get her to be playful and sexy feeling all the way through the process of going from fully clothed to completely nude and willing to pose in a risque manner once fully nude.
Attitude is everything here.
You are slightly flirtatious, but not overly so because comfort is the key.
She gets more and more comfortable and starts to flirt back, but in a much more aggressive manner. She says some very naughty things, and though they are fun things to say you know the next phase of the flirt game is to either take things farther or she will hit the flirt wall and crash. That would not be good. Her pants are not even off.
She must be unbalanced so that we can re-set the scene and keep her feeling good/comfy/sexy with no wall in sight.
As she starts to pull her jeans down you throw out a doozie. You say something so crazy sexual and naughty it confuses her. She stares and then asks a question to clarify what you meant when you said such an off the wall thing. You clarify.
The girl who has just pulled her pants down bast her bottom so far, now kinda freezes and looks at you in a way that reads as “no way,” and what the fuck?” and “should I?” and a few other things all at once. She is frozen in action. It takes just a split second of this and you know the reset button has been hit.
You now say something just as odd that makes her laugh. Your job is to now coach her back into comfort and then bring her to that world of super flirt again. This time you know though how far to take it before she will take it more serious than you wish and start going too fast.
Once the modeling session is over you will need to explain a couple things you said so she doesn’t have the wrong ideas, but that is ok. You got some good sketches and good photos.

You can get a print of Amanda Removing Her Jeans HERE.

~ by Aarron on December 18, 2013.

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