Star Songs

Star Songs erotic sensual painting by Aarron Laidig

When I started on this painting I was going with a daydream. It was of being a wolf.
I was running through the hills and listening to the howls of my love. She was running too. Both of us ran through forests and valleys, up hills and over streams with the moonlight shining on everything. We would howl into the night air letting each other know how far we had come, always getting closer, running faster, never tiring.
Eventually we see each other. We are high in the mountains, not a soul is within miles. We run to each other and as we come together turn instantly back into our human forms. Under the light of the stars in a clear and perfect night we embrace.

It was a fun little daydream. It deserved to be a painting.
While painting I found it enjoyable to use my inner eye to visualize how starlight and moonlight plays on the colors of the skin. There is no light like it. It is ghostly, ethereal, magical. It paints the landscape in such a way that one feels to be enclosed in privacy. It does this even when in wide open spaces.

Many people become afraid in such light. It is the feeling of being enclosed by night I think. It is because we humans have lost touch with our animal side. The invention of the light bulb has crippled us. We are no longer brothers to the wolves. We do not run through forests in the night to meet our loves and bath in our lusts.
Once though I know we did, and deep inside we sometimes crave the moments of our distant ancestors. We may no longer be brothers to the wolves, but distant cousins I think we still are.

Howl in the night,
let me know you want me.

Howl in the night,
let me know where I need to run.

Howl in the night,
we shall meet under the stars.

Howl in the night,
we shall howl together.

Let me know you are mine.

~ Howl in the night (poem)
© Copyright 2013 Aarron Laidig

You can get prints HERE.
I also did a digital remix of this painting. You can see the digital remix of Star Songs on Society6 HERE. Prints, cards, and an iPhone case version are available of the Star Songs remix.

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~ by Aarron on November 14, 2013.

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