Enveloped in you

Enveloped in you erotic art and poetry

Holding tight,
your body against mine;
threshold of consummation.
Hearts beat,
they are in time;
utterly merged.
Losing sight,
the world vanishes;
coalesced in passion.
Your whisper,
so soft in my ear;
beseeching consummation.
Now enveloped,
succumbing to your wonder;
nothing exists but you.
In climax,
with you the world;
I wish to cease futurity.



~Enveloped in you
© Copyright 2013 Aarron Laidig
The art is ink on paper with watercolor wash. The paper size is 9″ high x 12″ wide. You may click the image to see it a tad larger. Please excuse the poor image quality. The photo of the art was taken with my phone.

~ by Aarron on November 12, 2013.

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