Feather dusters and whatnot

So here I go revisiting that french maid theme again.
A couple interesting photo manipulations.

Both are not titled and both are a bit different when it comes to how I usually deal with sexy costumes and such.
(which is why these images are not attached to my costume pics even though a costume is involved)

This first one was rather fun to do as I had no idea what I was going to do with it.
Untitled French maid themed photo manipulation
Just being able to play with a photo and not having an end look/feel/idea in mind can be mighty fun. It is one of those things that can get a person lost in time to the point hours went by and they don’t know how.
Hours didn’t go by for me, but it is the feeling I’m talking about rather than time.
I spent maybe 15 to 20 minutes max on digitally toying with this particular image.
If you dig it and would like a photo print you can get one here for under a buck.
I think it would be perfect in a small antiqued table frame.
(which is why it is only available as a tiny photo)

This next one wasn’t so fun to create, but it is what I was going for.
Untitled French maid themed photo manipulation
I was wishing to capture a certain essence with this image that smacked of every day, ho hum, repetitive housework while at the same time create an image that played on sexual fantasies and ideals that are ingrained in us all.
Basically I wanted to make an un-sexy thing seem it should be sexy while making a sexy scene into something mundane and sterile.
To accomplish that I also felt I needed to give the image a timeless quality so that you (the viewer) couldn’t get distracted by a time frame. I guess I was trying to play the nostalgic card without giving a time or place to do so.
I kinda pulled that off, but not perfectly.

This one is available as a postcard for like a buck & a half or you could splurge and get a pinp’n magnet for about five or six bucks. You can do that HERE.

If you are wondering why I used DeviantArt for that I will say I really didn’t have a reason.
I rarely ever visit the site and what I have uploaded on it is a huge mishmash of stuff that makes no sense together at all.
I’m not even sure why I keep it except that I figure someday I may actually delete everything and upload a bunch of stuff that makes sense together.

To post these images together here on Artistic Flow was a case of flipping a quarter.
Both photos are obviously of the same model in the same outfit, etc, etc, but… I treated the photos so differently they really have very little in common.
Heads it was = Post them together and let people see how digital tweaking plays such a huge part in the end result of an image.

~ by Aarron on June 11, 2013.

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