Spare time

I don’t have any real spare time.
My need to do list is huge and I am always behind.
Client art mostly, but other commitments and deadlines exist too.
Still… one must take a break sometimes.
One must doodle with no rhyme or reason. Let the ink, paint, pencil, whatever… take it’s own path and make what it will make.

So I had a lull in the day.
I should have grabbed some client work and done that, but I had a new pen point and a bottle of Higgins black magic ink sitting there in front of me.
I decided to doodle.

Once inked I thought it needed some color so I pulled out some watercolors.

screwing around with higgins black magic ink and watercolors
(click the pic to see it bigger)

The ink doodle took about 10 minutes. The water color took about 40ish minutes including dry time, but altogether I spent maybe ten minutes actually applying paint to the paper.
Depending on how you look at it I wasted either 20 minutes or close to an hour on this.

As for the image… I had seen this picture of some chick messing with her eyeball a couple days earlier on the net. I think it was on flickr, but not sure. It really stuck in my noggin.
Touching eyeballs, playing with them, poking them, etc… kinda gives me the creeps.
I can’t touch my own eyeballs. Makes contacts a bitch to deal with, but I don’t ever use them anymore anyways.
After painting/inking this I tried to find the image I had seen, but couldn’t.
It is odd how all the things we see and do affect our creativity. The reason I find it odd is that it is so random.
One image of hundreds I saw that day stuck.
It was stuck so hard subconsciously that when I started to randomly doodle it (or a weird version of) began to appear on my paper all of its own accord.
It makes me wonder how often my art is created that way without me realizing it.
If it had been over a month since I had seen that picture would I have still created this?
I think I would have, but I also know I would have forgotten seeing that image at all.
My mind cataloged it, but where it came from certainly wouldn’t have been important enough to recall.
It is very much like having a tune in your head without knowing the song.
Just a catchy melody from some forgotten recesses in the mind.

~ by Aarron on October 16, 2012.