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Tease me till I beg

tease me till I beg sexy sketch doodle
When I am with a girl who I find super attractive there is absolutely nothing she can do that will turn me on more than tease me.
Actually I guess I should say that is the case if we have been together enough for us to be super sexual comfy. It is NOT a super big turn on for a first or second time, and I rarely ever go for a third date unless I find a girl exceedingly desirable. For that type of desire she must visually , physically, and mentally engage me. Once I am engaged though... I want. I love to want, and a girl who makes me desire her in such a way is rare. Once I am in that state... teasing me will make me want more.
Drag it out, give me just a little, give me just a moment and then make me want more.
Tease the fuck out of me.
This scribble sketch was drawn to send to a girl via text who had all the right ingredients. I'd tasted her and found her sweet. She was a beauty and inspired my lusts. She would not tease me though. I drew it from the perspective I imaged she would have if she was teasing me in just a certain way. I hoped to inspire her to tease me like that.
I actually can't recall now if I ever sent it to her, but I do know she saw it. I never did get that long, lustful tease session from her.

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