Aarrons Dirty Scribbles and Naughty Thoughts

whisper something naughty

ink scribble with text whisper something naughty
This one wasn't created to be a text. It was created because of texting however. The night before I had been texting with a girl and she was in a very flirty mood. The morning after when I got to work I couldn't keep my mind focused. I just kept thinking about things to come. I created this.
Whisper something naughty and I'll promis to do anything you say.
This was created by drawing an ink sketch, taking a picture, loading it into graphics software, selecting a color, and hitting a button I have re-named glow. I don't recall what the original name for the command was.

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original erotic art catalog

All artwork copyright  ©2003 Aarron laidig