Pop Cubist Visual Erotica

This section of my catalog contains paintings of an erotic or semi-erotic nature in a style I like to call Pop Cubism Erotica.

Erotic art original painting titled Grind


Violet Sauce pop cubist erotic art

Violet Sauce

Blue Evening gay themed erotic art painting

Blue Evening

Taco Party erotic art painting original on canvas

Taco Party

In The Daisies romantically erotic painting Aarron Laidig Fine Art Erotic Originals

In The Daisies

This particular painting style developed itself through my love of cubism, abstraction, pop art, and traditional tattoo styled artwork.
Though I have paintings dating back to around 2003 or 2004 done in this style, I didn’t ever consider applying the style to my erotic/sexual themed artwork until 2013.

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