Erotic Sketches On Paper

This section of my catalog contains erotic themed sketches/drawings on paper.
I use acid free archival papers always.
Unless otherwise noted the drawings/sketches here are not framed or mounted.
I suggest bringing the drawing to a professional framer who is used to working with fine art.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page for notes on materials used, how I ship the work, and suggested handling for those who wish to self frame their fabulous new piece of original art.

A Couple Embracing Pen & Ink Sketch by Aarron Laidig

A Couple Embracing

Something Yummy erotic pen and ink sketch on white paper

Something Yummy

Oral Themed Charcoal Sketch

Lesbian themed pen and ink sketch

Lesbian sex

Threesome Sex Erotic Pen And Ink Art

Threesome Sex

Wife Watching erotic ink sketch

Wife Watching

Making Love Woman On Top Erotic Sketch

Making Love Woman On Top

POV From The backside

POV From The backside

MFM Threesome Sketch in Pen and ink

MFM Threesome Sketch

Notes on the various materials I use when drawing:
I only use archival inks with my pen and ink works.
Charcoal drawings, pastels, and mixed media which includes those are lightly sprayed with a fixative. They can still smear if handled improperly.
Oil pastels and water soluble materials are not fixed.

Any works on paper should be handled only with clean dry hands. Skin produces oil. Oil gets on the paper and can eventually (if not instantly) change the look, and in some cases even cause deterioration of a work.

I ship all drawing flat unless they are over 20″ wide.
Drawings are held in place on a hard piece of cardboard (or similar) via plastic wrap.
Once your new work of erotic art has arrived I suggest that you very carefully unwrap it one bit at a time… OR use a very sharp razor and cut along the edge (not next to the art) and lift off the wrapping.
Do not quickly pull off the wrapping like a child unwrapping presents at Christmas. Such a method can result in wrinkled/damaged papers or smudging if the work has pastels or charcoal involved.
Treat your new art right and it will outlive your great great great great grandchildren.
If you have questions or requests concerning shipment please just ask.

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